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Digital Marketing Examples

Website Features You’ll Love

SVG Animations

If you are looking for a more interactive feel for your website that will engage visitors, then this is the way to go. SVG animations are lightweight graphics that can help tell a story, or show a process on a page. Great for “How it works” types of content. “SVG” stands for Scalable Vector Graphic, which means these will work well for both desktop and mobile responsive designs, as opposed to some video file formats that will not display on Apple devices.

Heron Outdoors

3D Models

If you have a physical product that needs to be described in detail, then what better way to do that than with a full 360-degree rotating view! We can take your 3D models and apply the right material texturing, lighting, and shadows for a realistic display of your product. We also overlay “hotspots” for the user to mouse over or tap on for more information about specific product features.

Heron Outdoors

Landing Page System

Marketing teams are often tasked with creating landing pages for paid campaigns and other needs, but the process can be difficult. Also, a well-made landing page in another platform doesn’t help your SEO. Why not make great landing pages for both PPC and SEO purposes? Check out our landing page system built right in your WordPress platform.

VP Racing Fuels

Scheduling Apps

Scheduling apps are designed to capture leads from your website and take it one step further, and create the demo or appointment and put it directly on your sales team’s calendar. Our tech team can work with you to sync your schedule with the website to display on available slots in real-time. Check out some of these cool examples!

Altitude Trampoline Park
Sherry Yellin

Interactive Calculators

Interactive calculators are not only a great way to engage visitors, but also great for lead generation. Calculating savings, ROI and other performance metrics are popular for B2B companies. They can be designed to draw in the visitor with some free information, and then ask for lead info in exchange for a full, or detailed report or analysis.

Pear Analytics
Pro Vigil

User Location

Showing content dynamically based on your location is a great way for businesses with multiple locations to ensure their visitors are getting precise information, and are led to the nearest location. Using the Google Maps and Places APIs, we can get the exact location of each visitor and display relevant information, saving the user from multiple clicks or unnecessary searching. This dramatically improves the user experience (UX).

C12 Group
Bee Clean Car Wash
Texas Mental Health
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Customer Portals

Need to show certain customers different tiers of pricing, or exclusive discounts? Then a customer portal is the way to go. Distributors, dealers or customers can login through the front end of the website, and reach a completely different experience. Make it easy to re-order, bulk-order, get marketing assets, or literally any other need. In this example, we even built logic to determine how much of a shipping pallet was full to maximize volume and shipping costs.

VP Racing Fuels

Curbside Pickup

Covid-19 permanently changed the way many businesses operate and deliver products and services to their customers. Curbside pickup was hot in 2020 and will continue for years to come. Integrate your e-commerce store with custom pickup options and scheduling.

Alamo Fireworks
Allen & Allen
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