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Are you struggling to learn how your marketing is performing?  Believe it or not, many companies are simply guessing.  They have an “idea” of how it performs, but they don’t know for sure.  Closing the loop between marketing and sales can be difficult.  Pear can help remove the guesswork and supercharge your tracking capabilities.

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What is Advanced Marketing Analytics?

Many companies use free, basic analytics programs to manage their marketing. Our Advanced Marketing Analytics service is designed to go far beyond what these basic tools tell us.

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Why aren’t visitors converting?

What fields on this form are preventing visitors from filling it out?

How is the user experience on my site?

All of these questions and many more can be answered by using a combination of tools to get the information we need to drive marketing decisions​.

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How It Works

Advanced Marketing Analytics works by installing tools and other third party software on the website in order to collect a significant amount of both quantitative and qualitative data. We analyze the data and give you recommendations for improvement. The cycle repeats itself until your site’s maximum potential is reached.

Advanced Marketing Analytics Tools

Here are some of the analytics tools we have worked with:

Advanced Marketing Analytics Process

Advanced Marketing Analytics is a continual improvement process. We are constantly testing new theories and hypotheses to understand user behavior. Once we understand the points of failure (for instance, on a signup process), we can begin to make improvements to achieve your ultimate goal-more sign-ups. Here are the steps we take:

01. Understand the goals and objectives of the business and what needs to be improved.​ Examples might be improving conversion rates in an e-commerce shopping cart, increasing engagement on a B2B site, or separating existing customers from non-­customers in your website traffic data.
02. Ensure all goals have a method of tracking.​ For example, if you want to know if certain visitors are watching a particular video, then special tracking configurations need to be configured.
03. Create a hypothesis about why you are not achieving results​.​ For example, it’s possible that people aren’t filling out this form because it asks for a phone number in addition to an email.
04. Test the hypothesis​. Install the necessary tools to test and measure results. Do we see an increase in conversion rate when we remove the phone number field from the form?
05. Make the changes​. Once the data proves our hypothesis, we can make the appropriate changes to the website to ensure the gains are permanent. Otherwise, we test the next hypothesis for solving the problem.

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