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14 Years of improving

Where does the Pear Analytics name originate from?

A lot of people have asked this question over the years, so let us walk you through the history.

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Original Logo

Tommy Richards designed and concepted the original name and logo. The “pear” represented fresh, crisp and organic – something we were heavily involved in 2008 was organic search.  The left side of the logo was gray and out of focus and represented the SEO industry as a whole in 2008, and the right side (crisp, clear and in-focus) represented us being transparent.

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Refresh #1

In 2009, we updated the logo and color scheme slightly to represent more of a “ying-yang” style logo to maintain the us vs. everyone else story.  We added insights and intelligence to the tagline to represent the kinds of projects we were getting at the time, which was to help companies get more from data and analytics.  We wanted to deliver insights and intelligence.

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Refresh #2

This refresh enhanced the green color scheme and represented the tools like SiteJuice that we built to represent the automation part of our business.  We still had several clients that we provided services to, but at this time we were very interested in figuring out how to scale a service business.

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Refresh #3

By 2014 we had abandoned the “one size fits all” approach to buying digital marketing services.  Clients were needing very customized services, and it is at this point we introduced web design & development services.  We could have offered this in the past, but would have conflicted with other agency partnerships we had at the time.

Refresh #4

At this point, we’ve had over 10 years of clients and services and we understand the importance of strategy versus selling one-off services.  Clients want a digital partner in 2019 with multiple skill sets, not just one or two.  We now have extensive experience with strategy all the way to automating a marketing process for experienced clients.


Pear Analytics has evolved over the years from SEO experts to a full-service digital marketing agency with expertise across multiple disciplines.

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Ryan formed company in a home office with an emphasis on marketing measurement and analytics.


Quickly became known for SEO expertise and began building SEO automation software with a small investment from Rackspace founders.

pear 2011

We pivoted into services, and built an automated Internet Marketing Assessment report. At this time we also began to offer paid search services complimenting client SEO needs.

before after

we begin to expand service offerings to cover more of the digital spectrum, including web design and development, marketing automation and email marketing, and advanced analytics.

us army

Pear wins a contract to train the U.S. Army on analytics, and consult on user experience design. Paid search services have surpassed organic search services in revenue volume.

vonage uk

We build an integrated B2B lead generation tool for Vonage UK which is a portable javascript widget with video, ebooks and a cost comparison calculator. Lead forms are integrated with Hubspot and event tracking analytics are setup using Mixpanel.


We rebuilt one of the most visited Ecommerce sites in San Antonio for the annual Fiesta Celebration in a mere 6 weeks. The site handles thousands of transactions without a hitch. Pear also wins for the first time in history, Best Places to Work in San Antonio!


Pear launches a unique Applicant Management System for non-profit foundations that ties directly into their WordPress websites. We also win #10 Best Place to Work in San Antonio.

Pear Analytics team

Thanks to COVID-19, the whole Pear team goes remote….permanently.  We decided to not renew our office lease after over 12 years of leasing space. Not only have we saved a tremendous amount of costs, but we have seen significant gains in productivity and overall happiness with the team.

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These six core values are what defines Pear as a company, and as a people. We commit these values to each other, and to our clients.  Every week we talk and share stories about how we live up to each and every one of these.


We have a burning desire to perform at the highest levels, and deliver not only the best possible service, but the best results for both our client and our teammates! This is also why we are continuously learning and improving on a daily basis, by staying close to the latest trends.


Like the FRIENDS cast…. “I’ll be there for you!” We are there when you need us and you can bet we won’t let you down! We have a high level of reliability to ensure we are always there, no one should ever wonder if their teammate is going to drop the ball.  Our clients should know that when they sign with Pear they sign with a loyal Partner


At Pear, we have a true “ownership culture”. We have created an environment in which behavior is guided more by values rather than by rules. Our team treats each client’s account and spending decisions as if they were their own! There is a very high level of accountability, even if no one is watching.

problem solver
Problem Solver

In the words of Vanilla Ice “if there was a problem yo, I’ll solve it!” Our environment allows our team to solve problems by testing, asking questions, and taking risks. This allows team members the comfortability to come up with new ideas for our clients.


This is more than just throwing confetti in the air like you just don’t care! We believe that work life balance is super important for both our team and our clients. When we allow FUN into the workplace, we are preventing burn out, boredom, and lack of creativity.


DO THE RIGHT THING! Integrity in the Pear culture comes in many forms, but above all refers to having upstanding character traits and work ethics including sound judgement, honesty, dependability, and loyalty. … A high level of integrity at Pear means you are absolutely  trustworthy and reliable. It It means you put the grocery cart back even if no one is around.

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core values 3
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core values 13
core values 14
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Meet The Lead Pears

Pear Analytics is 100% virtual, meaning our staff work remotely from their home office.  By doing so, we can expand our search talent and hire the best people we can find in Texas, and even beyond. We have mastered the tools and communication techniques required to collaborate, and serve our clients in a very efficient manner.

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    Ryan Kelly

    Founder & CEO

    Ryan KellyFounder & CEO

    Ryan has been doing web marketing since 2003, when Google was only 5 years old and not a publicly traded company yet, and things like Twitter and Facebook didn’t even exist. He started Pear Analytics in 2008 to help businesses measure their marketing results using advanced analytics techniques, and help drive more traffic to their websites. Ryan grew up watching Larry Bird and the Celtics, but is an avid Spurs fan. At 6'-6", Ryan had dreams of professional basketball, but chose engineering school instead. He did get to play some ball with former NBA star Marcus Camby while at UMass.

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    Tracie Mendoza

    Chief Operating Officer

    Tracie MendozaChief Operating Officer

    Having done a little of this and little of that over the years – from comedy, retail management, education, and recruiting to name a few – Tracie landed in the Sales Field! This was no surprise to those around her, after all in kindergarten she had a line formed around the building, as she charged kids a quarter to color in her “Pink Panther Coloring Book!” She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a go getter mentality, and sets out to accomplish whatever she puts her mind to. Tracie graduated from Dallas Baptist University, where she earned a BAS in Communications and a MALA in Fine Arts/History. When not closing a deal on the phone, you can find her shopping, traveling, and of course making people laugh! AKA: Laughologist, Retail Therapist, Music Fanatic, Lover of the Arts, and Reality TV Guru.

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    Erika Suarez

    Executive Project Manager

    Erika SuarezExecutive Project Manager

    Erika graduated from the University of Texas in San Antonio with a Business Management Degree and shortly after joined Pear Analytics. Starting as an intern, Erika immediately fell in love with digital marketing and the Pear team! Erika has worn several hats at Pear and each has fit quite nicely! She has done everything from Sales, Production, and Business Development, just to name a few! She currently finds herself in more of an administrative role, as the Executive Assistant to our CEO/COO.  When you can’t find Erika at work you might check the nearest four-wheeling or hiking trail or even a zip line or two, because her middle name is ADVENTUROUS. An animal lover, renowned world traveler, and her adventurous spirit keep things interesting in Erika’s life! Family is super important to her and that includes her favorite four-legged friend “Nugget!” She is fluent in both Spanish and English and can’t wait to learn a third language very soon! Her favorite things about Pear are the people she has met along the way, the family-like atmosphere, and the values that are displayed.


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    Top Dog of Culture

    MilaTop Dog of Culture

    Mila has really been a big part of Pear and is at every single team event! She ensures that all team members feel warm and fuzzy and really promotes diversity and inclusion for all! She is wise beyond her years and is a world traveler! When Mila isn’t doing some of her favorite hobbies such as pawdicures, shopping, hiking, cuddling, snuggling, she can be found napping/supervising work in her favorite office chair. However, she is surely awakened by her favorite snack...CHEESE!

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    Top Dog of Fun and Inclusion

    KennedyTop Dog of Fun and Inclusion

    Kennedy is an 80lb bundle of joy and keeps things super fun at Pear Analytics. When she’s not sleeping on the job she enjoys all the dog ranches around Colorado, and will do anything to chase a ball. She loves everyone she meets and she has never met a stranger. She has a few tricks up her sleeve and will show them off for the perfect treat! She became part of our team a little over a year ago and has since been promoted to the top dog of Fun and Inclusion!

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What clients say

We don't grow unless we can prove our results to clients

JR reichl
"Their ability to learn about our company was amazing, and more importantly our current and future customers." @JR Reichl
Ryan and his team built out and entirely new website for us that matched every request and expectation. With an upgraded online retail function, easy to navigate schedule of events and overall well designed site, our web presence matches the tone and feel of our brand and is now something to be proud of! Thank you Pear Analytics! @Alexa Westerman
Ryan helped my company build a web site with a unique set of SEO challenges. Not only did he get it done on time and within budget, but we are the number one organic site in 92% of our markets. Now we are going back for more. Thanks Ryan and your whole team. @John Hernden
5705 6f2b6337
"I have been looking for a long time to find the right partner for SEO work. Ryan just get it done. He is the real deal. His understanding of the market and its perpetual evolution is right on. The tools and process he and his team developed are just the right answers." @Jerome Serot

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