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  • Allied Hand Dryer

    Allied Hand Dryer

    For the world’s leading hand dryer and baby changing station retailer, the e-commerce store is essential.  We need the latest features for security, cart abandonment and personalization.  That’s why we migrated this site to Shopify Plus.

    Improved Conversion Rates

    The Shopify checkout process offers several improvements to get users to convert at higher rates. This results in more conversions and more sales.

    Less Fraud

    Shopify’s fraud detection suite, combined with other powerful apps in the marketplace allowed us to curb fraudulent orders by detecting IP’s and proxies and how close to the card holder address the order was being placed.


    Allied has been through several e-commerce builds, with the last on BigCommerce.  A descent platform, but lacked the reporting, security and customization we needed to bring this site to a new level.


    On Shopify Plus, we immediately implemented their one-page checkout, numerous fraud detection suites and customized the user flow. We implemented a new ratings and review system with Trust Pilot that has direct integration with Shopify, and enhanced our checkout pages.


    We’ve collected over 10 years of SEO results from clients to give you an approximation of how long SEO can take before showing results in traffic, metric 2, and metric 3.

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