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PPC Management Services Focused on Your Results.

PPC management services can be a great way to improve your online visibility and attract more customers. With Pear Analytics managing your PPC campaigns, you can ensure that your ads are relevant and targeted to your audience, and that your budget is being used efficiently. Our PPC management services can also help you to track your progress and measure your ROI, so that you can adjust your campaigns accordingly. Whether you’re new to pay-per-click advertising or you’re looking to improve your results, our PPC management services can provide the expertise and support you need to succeed.

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WATCH: A live audit of a Google Ads account

Our PPC Management Philosophy: Manage your money like it was our own.

You need a partner who will manage your funds as every dollar counts. That means reducing wasted spending, keeping an eye on budget, and pausing when necessary.

If something is not working, then stop it. If the wrong keywords are triggering ads, then find and remove them. If tracking is broken, then fix it. Sounds pretty straightforward, but these are rare attributes you won’t find at every agency.

Pear is committed to these PPC management principles and has built operational frameworks and processes to ensure you’re getting the “bang for your buck”. We’re not going to sell you something that you don’t need, or won’t work, and we’ll tell you straight up if PPC is not right for you.

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WATCH: A live audit of a Google Ads account

Want a personalized, live audit of your account?

The Pear Difference

Why choose Pear Analytics to manage your PPC accounts?

NEW! Free fraud protection included!

New for 2022 is our new fraud protection monitoring service included free on every account. With 17% of all internet traffic being non-human, chances are your ads are getting clicked from bots, competitors and other unwanted activity. We protect your clicks so your budget is reserved for real prospects, resulting in better performance of your ads. Google, Microsoft and Facebook ads are protected.

No automated bidding software

These are tools and sophisticated software that agencies use to automatically manage your campaigns with very little, or no human intervention. It’s the only way your account manager can handle 80+ accounts. Not here. At Pear, we believe in manual setup and management because AI doesn’t understand your business.

Full transparency

Pear is managing your PPC account, and your data. Period. All of the genius that went into setting up your account structure, you get to keep. You’ll know the ad spend vs. our fees, and we calculate return on ad spend for every client.

Direct expert access

You will be speaking with the folks who designed and executed your personal strategy. The folks who look at your keywords, who write the ads, and monitor the spend.

Gorgeous, easy-to-read reports

We won’t be sending you random screenshots out of a Google Analytics account.  We’ll build you a beautiful dashboard with relevant information and have it in your inbox on Monday morning.

PPC Marketing Services

Keyword Research

Using various software tools we can compile a comprehensive list of keywords, what they cost, how we should segment them, and start to build your basic account structure.

Competitor Analysis

This is a deep dive into your top competitors and study their keywords, ad copy, landing pages, and see how we should differentiate your businesses to stand out.

PPC Strategy

We’ll create a document that outlines your budget, leads or sales goals, what channels we’ll be using, audience and geolocation targeting, and more based on keywords and competitive analysis.

Account Creation & Setup

Pear can set up your PPC accounts for you, or you can grant us access to ones you already have. We’ll guide you through the process step-by-step.

Account Rebuilds

50-60% of our clients have existing ad accounts that are performing so poorly, that the best option is to pause what they have and rebuild new campaigns and new ad groups.

Account Audits

Let us know if you would like to audit an account and we’ll give you our honest opinion on account structure, setup, tracking and results.

Ad Creative

Our design team can crank out display ads in any size, any format for any channel.  We know the specs and will build based on your brand guidelines.

Tracking & Analytics

Before any campaign is launched, we ensure the highest level of tracking. We’ll set up goals, events, call tracking and more to ensure we get credit for the leads or sales we bring!

Landing Pages

We can stand up new landing pages for campaigns, or optimize existing pages on your website.  We also developed a fully-featured Landing Page System for WordPress that could work.

PPC Optimization

Ongoing optimization is key to campaign success.  We’re looking at and analyzing ad copy performance, keyword quality scores, and landing page metrics to drive results.

CRM Integration

There’s nothing worse than paying for traffic, and then losing track of the leads.  We can integrate leads from Google into almost any CRM to make sure you never lose a lead.

Real-Time Reporting

Our Custom Dashboard and Reporting suite is hand-crafted specifically for your needs.  Every ad client gets a weekly report on Monday morning, and a full monthly report and analysis from your PPC specialist.

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