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During this time, it can be tempting to pull advertising dollars, but when looking at the data, it suggests otherwise.  85% of our clients are experiencing increases in conversion rates from paid media, specifically, Google Ads. 

Although volume for some industries has decreased (and for others has increased significantly), those still searching are more likely to convert. Less volume is not always a bad thing, as this can also decrease your ad costs as well. With more companies pulling out of Google Ads, cost per clicks also can decrease, causing your ads to become more affordable.

Some clients have seen cost per clicks decrease at least 10%, overall costs decrease 75% and conversion rates improve by up to 103%. This makes it a great time to begin running Google Ads if you have not before with a reduced cost of entry and overall investment.

If digital marketing is still not within your budget at this time, there are some other items you can work on to help ensure future success.

  1. Ensure your google my business, website, and social media accounts have the correct information.
  2. Create audiences in Google Analytics based on activities they did on your site and extend the timeframe that people remain in the audience.
  3. Actively engage customers and keep them updated via email newsletters, social media posts, text campaigns, and your website.
Industry Paid Media Conv Rate Change
E-Commerce – no retail locations Increase 19%
E-Commerce – retail locations Increase 13%
Home Services Increase 17%
Education Increase 103%
Science Increase 36%
Manufacturing Down 4%
Gift Industry Down 7%