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In an industry as new as digital advertising, it’s hard to find vetted businesses with experience to back up their advice. At Pear Analytics, we’ve got the experience, with over 10 years in the business and at least 5 years under the belts of each of our employees. And now, we have the vetting too — in the form of our first review on Clutch!

Our company handles comprehensive digital marketing services, from PPC advertising to HubSpot management to web development and design. If you want to implement your business strategy online, chances are we can do it.

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We’re thankful to our clients for their consistent feedback on the work that we do. We constantly aim to do the best work possible, but also own our mistakes and work to improve them. Hearing from our customers about their experience with our teams is one of the best ways to stay both honest and hungry.

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Our clients have raved about our business for years on our website, but as a verified reviews site, Clutch offers visibility to a whole range of potential customers — not to mention the extra value added by third-party verification of every review. That’s why we’re excited to have received a perfect 5 stars out of 5 from a client who was personally interviewed by a Clutch analyst over the phone.

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In the project, we helped a gift registry company take marketing and SEO off their plate so they could scale those efforts while focusing on their business. We focus on PPC advertising, targeting specific geographic regions and running smaller seasonal campaigns. We also monitor project success on Google Analytics, continually reallocating funds to make the efforts as effective as possible.

“Communicating through phone and email, they’ve been great at meeting deadlines and following our requirements as a unit…. They’re here to help us, never doing any tricks or shortcuts in their work.” – President, MyRegistry

With reviews like these, we hope to crack other Clutch-owned lists like the top 10 PPC agencies in Central Texas on The Manifest. This sister site helps promote your business through how-to guides and industry insights. Meanwhile, partner platform Visual Objects can build recognition on the back of excellent visual design by showcasing companies’ portfolio items.

If you’ve got a unique design or marketing challenge and need an experienced digital agency to help you fix it, we’re the company for you! Reach out today to learn what our team of experts can do for you.