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Pear Analytics specializes in WordPress design and development, and we offer a variety of hosting and maintenance packages designed to ensure your website is fast, secure and compliant.

Services can be purchased individually, and we also bundled them together for more savings. Let’s walk through your options:


First, you will need to select the hosting package for your website. We have recommended one for you based on the size and traffic of your website.

Premium Shared Hosting with WPEngine

This option is a great solution for most websites. You will be on one of Pear’s servers managed by WP Engine – a global leader specializing in WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. With this plan, you will get:

  • Daily Backups
  • Free CDN and SSL
  • Automatic core WordPress updates
  • Staging environment included
  • Access to Pear’s Premium Developer Licenses for plugins, such as
    • Gravity Forms for robust form submission options
    • Advanced Custom Fields for custom content
    • RankMath SEO Pro for robust optimization
    • WP Rocket for speed and code minification
    • WP E-Signature for document signatures
    • Imagify for image compression

premium shared hosting wpengine

Dedicated Hosting with WPEngine

This option is our solution for large or high-traffic websites. Pear will provision a new dedicated server just for your website properties. You get all of the same features as the Shared Hosting plan and priority WPEngine Support.


By having your website hosted at WP Engine, you get access to their proprietary firewall which helps reduce malicious bot traffic, as well as the prevention of certain files and directories from being public. You can read more detail about WP Engine’s security protocol, as well as their certifications here. However, we offer additional layers of security from malware attacks by installing the premium Wordfence plugin. While the license is annual, we offer this additional protection for a low monthly fee.

Malware Protection

Included in this plan are premium tools that have the most updated malware signatures and brute force protection.  We will set up and configure everything for you, and then let our tools use machine learning to constantly update the protection. Additional measures can be taken where we disable write-rewrite functionality on the database.  Any malware attacks are guaranteed to be cleaned and your site restored to its original condition. Cleansing and restoration can cost upwards of $1,800 or more, but you can get this peace of mind for just $49/month.
wordfence scan report 1


We will set up a web application firewall (WAF) to maximize protection against malicious attacks. Get immediate protection agains SQL injections, cross site scripting, malicious file uploads and other common attacks.  Other common settings include blocking specific IPs or even countries and password guessing attacks.

Login Security

Our Malware Protection package also involves setting up login protection using two-factor authentication (2FA). Modern two-factor authentication now uses an authenticator application, such as Google Authenticator, to generate unique codes for you rather than relying on SMS text messages. First, choose an authenticator application to use, if you do not already have one installed on a cell phone or tablet. There are many available for iOS, Android, and other platforms, including: Google Authenticator, FreeOTP Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator.


One of the concerns we hear often from clients is that WordPress is hard to keep up-to-date. This is not the case with our setup! In addition to automatic WordPress core updates that WP Engine performs, we can also automatically keep all of your plugins up-to-date as well.

Core Web Vitals


Core Web Vitals are like the health checkup for a website. Imagine a website as a book, and when you want to read that book, you want it to open quickly and smoothly, just like turning the pages of a real book.

Now, Core Web Vitals are three important things that tell us how well a website works:

  1. Loading Time (Largest Contentful Paint): This is like how fast you can open the book. When you click on a website, you don’t want to wait too long for it to load. Core Web Vitals make sure the website opens quickly, so you don’t get frustrated waiting.
  2. Interactivity (First Input Delay): Think of this as how easily you can flip through the pages of the book once it’s open. It measures how fast the website responds when you click on something or try to interact with it. You don’t want to click a button and wait forever for something to happen.
  3. Visual Stability (Cumulative Layout Shift): Imagine reading a book, and suddenly the page moves around unexpectedly. That can be frustrating, right? Core Web Vitals check if a website’s elements like pictures and buttons stay in their place or if they jump around, making it hard to use.

In simple terms, Core Web Vitals help make sure that when you visit a website, it’s like reading a well-organized and easy-to-navigate book. It loads quickly, responds when you click on things, and doesn’t surprise you by moving things around. It’s all about making your experience on the web better and more enjoyable!

Pear’s Core Web Vitals plan includes multiple premium licensed plugins that will help speed up your site by delaying javascript, compressing images, minifying code and more.  We will also run your site through GTMetrix weekly to ensure your scores are high, and stay high.

gtmetrix report core web vitals

Smart Plugin Manager

This tool is the perfect solution for automatic plugin updates. We can set it up to run daily, weekly or monthly, and we can set it up to run overnight to avoid any disruptions to your traffic (the site will go into maintenance mode for about 1-2 minutes).

What makes this tool smart, and totally worth it, is that it will test each plugin update and monitor the site for any visual changes. If it detects a visual change (i.e. shift in content, missing images, etc.), then it will immediately roll back the update and send us a notification. From there, our developers can investigate the issue with the plugin.
smart plugin manager

Comprehensive Maintenance

Every site will need ongoing maintenance and updates to the content, images and more. Pear can help with those requests, such as:

  • Updating company bios or other page content
  • Existing functionality or code fixes
  • Adding a contact form, or routing form responses
  • Fixing layout issues
  • Adding new images or changing images
  • Reorganizing the menu or adding menu links
  • User login issues

You will be able to send requests like these to our web support ticketing system and get priority, same-day response times.

This maintenance plan does not include new page designs or other extensive new development work, and would be happy to provide a quote for that.


If your business accepts public funds or operates in the government space, or is classified as a public informational website, you may be required to get your website into ADA/WCAG compliance.

Website Accessibility

Pear offers an AI-Powered web accessibility, WCAG & ADA compliance solution, which includes the following for a low monthly fee:

  • Compliance with ADA, AODA, EAA, WCAG & more
  • Accessibility statement & certification of performance
  • AI-Powered screen reader & keyboard navigation
  • Accessibility widget for UI and design remediation
  • AI-Powered daily compliance monitoring and scans
  • Monthly AI-Powered accessibility compliance audits
  • Litigation support

accessibility related lawsuits


Want to save even more? You can purchase these hosting and maintenance options in bundles, and even pay annually for maximum savings!

Premium Bundle

  • Premium Shared Hosting
  • Smart Plugin Manager
  • Malware Protection
Buy Now $549/month

Pro Bundle

  • Premium Shared Hosting
  • Comprehensive Web Maintenance
  • Smart Plugin Manager
  • Malware Protection
  • Website Accessibility
Buy Now $999/month

Expert Bundle

  • Dedicated Tier 1 Server
  • Comprehensive Web Maintenance
  • Smart Plugin Manager
  • Malware Protection
  • Website Accessibility
Buy Now $999/month

Payments & Managing Your Account

Pear offers easy and flexible ways to pay your hosting and maintenance services automatically. We’ve partnered with Stripe to offer credit card payments, Apple Pay and even ACH payment options. Your subscriptions will renew monthly or annually automatically, ensuring your web properties are always up with no interruptions in service. You can update your payment information at any time by logging into the billing portal here.
hosting bundles