What does this PPC budget calculator do?

This PPC budget calculator helps determine what you should set aside for a minimum budget for your ad spend – specifically on Google Ads.  We make a couple of assumptions, such as setting your campaign to get at least 20 clicks per day.  We feel this is enough data to determine if your campaign is working and what adjustments need to be made without waiting a month to find out.  Secondly, we assume an average conversion rate of 4% to determine how many leads (or sales) you could potentially get.  This can be adjusted, as well as running ads on weekends or not.

Who should use this calculator?

Anyone looking to setup an ad campaign on Google.  We find that other agencies and freelancers who offer PPC management and support use the tool quite often, and of course, Pear Analytics uses this for every new prospective PPC client.

What are some new features, and what’s coming?

There have been some improvements on the app this year, and more coming such as:

  • Allow you to copy and paste keywords into the entry box
  • Number of Clicks Per Day field can be edited for more fidelity (the slider doesn’t work well for keyword lists with thousands of available clicks)
  • Optionally set your budget rather than just the number of clicks per day you are targeting
  • Add/edit/delete keywords once you’re in the report so you don’t have to re-run another new report
  • Each report will have a unique URL to be able to share the report
  • Admin panel to save reports
  • White label option (domain, colors, etc.)