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Google likes to keep AdWords advertisers on our toes by rolling out new features and changes regularly. It’s important to stay on top of these changes to both a) gain competitive advantage for yourself and b) avoid falling behind in the market.  Three changes to be making in your AdWords campaigns today are:


  1. Implement Expanded Text Ads

Google is rolling out expanded text ads across the board by January 31st. You will need to update your ads to the expanded text format – do it now to stay ahead of your competition and take advantage of the expanded format’s 10-20% higher click-through rates today.


  1. Device Level Bid Adjustments

For a long time now, Google has enabled advertisers to adjust their bids for mobile devices. AdWords recently added the capability to adjust bids for all device types, including desktops. It’s worth examining your campaigns by device type to see who converts best and adjusting accordingly. For example, we have a client with a desktop conversion rate of 8.17% compared to an all-device conversion rate of 6.75%. Adding a modifier to increase bids on desktops is fantastic for this campaign.

AdWords device level bid adjustments

  1. Salesforce Integration

If you use Salesforce and are serious about tracking leads all the way through the funnel, you will want to jump on this new feature. AdWords can now integrate with Salesforce to track conversions as opportunities move through your sales pipeline.


Implementing these updates to your AdWords campaigns will help improve your AdWords results. If you’d like help with implementing these tactics or a complimentary assessment of your campaign performance, we will be happy to help!