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Xeo Software – B2B Whitepaper

Client Name: Xeo Software

Project Type: Whitepaper

Dated: January 2015


Xeo’s requirement was to create a piece of content that would educate their ideal prospects on how to buy and ERP system. Their typical client is a business that is maturing into more sophisticated business systems designed to improve efficiency across all segments of the business.


We started by outlining and developing the content. We knew the target was going to be small businesses with limited technical knowledge about software development, or the technology they should use. That meant the content had to be easy to read and digest, and give the reader confidence that Xeo would be a great partner for this endeavor.

Once the content was completed, we then designed the whitepaper, taking design and brand cues from the website we designed to maintain consistency. The design included the promotional thumbnail, as well as the download page for lead capture.

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