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C12 Group – Website Redesign

Client Name: C12 Group

Project Type: Website Redesign

Dated: April 2018

C12 Group is a nationwide Christian CEO advisory group that is rapidly expanding.  They needed an overhaul on their website to allow each location to have their own information, and for potential members to easily find the nearest group.  We used WordPress Multisite as the solution, with these features:

    • Location Detection

      Using the Google Maps API, a user can allow us to detect their location, or enter their zip code, and we can direct them straight to the nearest meeting group in their area. This is the same technology Home Depot, Lowes and other major retailers with nationwide locations use.

    • Hubspot Integration & Lead Scoring

      We styled and formatted Hubspot forms to capture leads, and used queued fields to slowly capture more information.  We also put together all of the lead scoring methodology and workflows, and then integrated all MQLs to a separate CRM.

    • Dynamic Content

      Each territory can choose the content they wish to have on their local pages, from events, blog posts, and even member company spotlights.

    • Custom RSVP System

      We built a customized RSVP system for each location to choose how to handle certain member events, or recruiting events.  All data is sent to Hubspot and is part of the lead scoring system.


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