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Pear Analytics – Lead Gen Application

Client Name: Pear Analytics

Project Type: Widget/App

Dated: April 2016


  • Pear needed a way to help new clients budget new PPC campaigns
  • We were spending a lot of time doing manual analysis that was taking time away from other duties
  • We wanted to build a tool that other would use and ultimately link to


  • Our solution was to create a simple, yet effective tool that required as little input from the user as possible.
  • All the user needs to do is enter at least 3 keywords they would like to be visible for, and our tool handles the rest.
  • We wanted to be sure to include a way for the user to calculate the ROI and return on ad spend (ROAS) for a given campaign.
  • The tool also needed to show numbers changing in real-time based on varying the inputs.


  • We integrated the tool with data from SEM Rush to collect a variety of keyword data for each phrase entered into the tool.
  • We also included lead generation opportunities into the app by integrating Gravity Forms.
  • The tool uses modified Bootstrap on the front-end to ensure we have an excellent user experience on mobile.


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