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Viastore – B2B Lead Gen eBook

Client Name: Viastore

Project Type: Ebook

Dated: October 2015


With Viastore’s large Capex products and services, and long sales cycles, they began to develop a series of lead generation content pieces to engage users on their website. This first piece was designed to debunk many common myths about warehouse automation. The piece compliments a top-of funnel (TOFU) prospect who is doing research and due diligence, but has not yet short-listed their preferred company. This piece serves as a way to elevate Viastore on the consideration list by showing a mastery of the subject and educating their prospects.


We worked with one of the few writers in the world who specialize in warehouse automation technologies to produce the written piece of the ebook. Our creative team then took the written material and created custom graphics and layouts to ensure the piece would be easy to digest. We also incorporated live links to pages on the website for further reading, and tagged those links for analytics.

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