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Affintus – Re-Brand & Web Design

Client Name: Affintus

Project Type: Website Redesign › Branding

Dated: August 2021

Affintus was ready to market their breakthrough product to hiring managers, but the brand needed a complete overhaul from logo, tagline, messaging, and website. Pear walked them through the entire process and the results were remarkable.

  • Rebrand

    Affintus can now compete on the same level as other hiring tools with an updated, modern brand complete with new messaging.

  • Animated SVGs

    What better way to describe a process than with an animated SVG. We created a dynamic “How it works” section for their website that is clean, engaging and mobile-friendly.

  • ROI Calculator

    Taking their raw data in a spreadsheet, we were able to build the logic for a Return on Investment calculator that engages users and justifies the cost of their product. We are also able to track every use and trace it back to their ad campaigns.

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