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Edgecombe Furniture

Client Name: Edgecombe

Project Type: Website Redesign

Dated: July 2019

Edgecombe needed a complete refresh on their website, so we upgraded them to a WordPress WooCommerce install, where they could manage their entire catalog of products like ecommerce, even though you can’t order from the site.

  • Custom Menus

    With so many categories and subcategories, we needed to structure the menu in a way that was easy to manage and would update itself if a new category was introduced.

  • Custom Product Attributes

    We needed more than what comes out-of-the-box with WooCommerce, so we added custom swatches for multiple materials such as woods, metals, and fabrics.

  • Wish Lists

    Customers can create multiple wishlists that they can then send to the sales teams for quotes.


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