14 Aug

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Challenges of Small Business SEO: Part 1—Do I Really Need It?

  Small business SEO is a common challenge. Most business owners aren’t sure where to start. What is involved? How do I choose good target keywords? Can I afford SEO? How long does it take? Do I really need it? What can I realistically expect to get from an SEO campaign? The answers to these […]

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18 May

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Marketers Shifting Budgets to Inbound Marketing

A new e-book full of fact published by Hubspot this morning shows the growing trend of B2B marketers who are shifting their marketing budgets to inbound, lead generation activities.  One of the growing activities is search engine optimization (SEO), as well as social media and virtual events/webinars. Companies are realizing now that not only do […]

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20 Oct

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Hubspot: High Stakes or High Profit?

Hubspot successfully analyzed over 1 million websites, 1 million Twitter accounts, raised another $16 million, and yet they only have 1750 customers. Did anyone else notice this? I’ve always been impressed with Hubspot, and I have much admiration for Dharmesh Shah and the other founders.  I’ve read just about all of their stuff on inbound […]

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