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For the longest time, our home page was simply a website entry field, where you could run your website for a free site analysis in about 30 seconds.  This was highly effective in terms of driving traffic, and generating over 1,500 free reports per day.   The idea was that a free report would show the user they needed help, and they could call us to fix it, right?  Wrong.  We found through lots of analysis and testing, that an overwhelming percentage of these visitors we never going to buy our services.  I won’t go into the details why, but the model was broken.

So we changed our model.

Now, the website focus is on our results for our customers.  I personally spent my Christmas vacation last year pouring over about 50 different Internet marketing websites.  You know what I found?  None of them talked about actual customer results, and very few listed their pricing.

So what did we do?  The opposite of everyone else.

We posted actual customer results, and testimonials and lay out what really differentiates us from the pack.  We continued to publish pricing, but with a new “twist”. You can now order a full Internet marketing plan with several “pieces” and checkout once.  This is a big improvement over the previous way of signing up customers, which required them to signup for every product individually.  And when the majority of your customers are buying more than one thing, it becomes cumbersome to get started with us.  So we removed that hurdle.

We also added some free eBooks, and you can order a free Internet marketing assessment as well.  You’ll still be able to run the free analyzer too.  (We haven’t re-branded that, but we’ll be refreshing that in the coming weeks.)  Finally, we added a referral program, which you can see if you go to

Shout out to Vid @thezippykid and @omaruddin from UVision Consulting to make this happen!  Let me show you how easy it is to modify absolutely everything from our WordPress panel:

pear analytics new website


Using lots of custom post types in WordPress, I can easily change any slider, testimonial, staff picture or bio or even plan within minutes.  I can even change the text rotation in the first hero banner in about 2 seconds.

But the cool part was the Chargify integration.  Previously, if you wanted an SEO plan, a PPC plan, some retargeting and some call tracking, you would need to sign up 4 times on 4 different hosted pages at Chargify.  Using the Chargify API and Chargify Direct code base, we were able to integrate our plans and pricing, and even coupon codes into the WordPress install.  Just add to your plan what you want, and check out once.  In the theme options, I just have to indicate the Site ID and the Chargify API key, and we can start taking credit card payments in minutes.

What’s Next

We’ve had several agencies and resellers who want to seamlessly resell our products and services, and we can now turn this entire ordering system (including the assessment reports and website analyzer) into a WordPress plugin.  What that means is we can easily integrate our entire ordering system into any WordPress site using a plugin, or any site really with some other javascript code.  We can even allow you to change the colors and fonts of the theme to match your website, and any reseller can begin taking orders the same day.

Thanks again to Zippykid and UVision Consulting for getting this up and running today!