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You can find SEO tools that show you keyword rankings. Others dial in on social media conversations. Some of them give you more bells and whistles than you know what to do with.

But what you need when your first starting out with your SEO efforts is page analysis. Are your pages technically sound? What keywords do they target? Are you targeting them properly? Does the page load fast, or slow? All of these questions will and can affect your SEO performance. So why not start with a simple page analysis?

By going through each page of your website, you can ensure that each page is properly set up and driving incremental traffic to your site.

What’s incremental traffic?

Incremental traffic refers to the small amounts of traffic a page can generate by targeting long-tail keywords. Every blog post can drive incremental traffic to your site every day. The point is that while it may only attract a handful of visitors each month, multiply that by hundreds, or even thousands of pages. You can see how putting a focus on an individual page matters.

Our blog now has 100 posts and drives over 60% of our 7,000 visitors each month. That means each blog post is generating about 42 visits per month. If we jump up to 250 posts, we would add 6,300 extra visits per month. If we jump up to 1,000 posts (or content pages), we would be potentially adding 37,800 more visitors each month.

Still not sold on page analysis?

If you’re going to put forth the effort in a website, you’re probably interested in conversions too, right? Could be a purchase, an email collected, a form completed – whatever kind of task completion you can think of. If your website is like most, than you’re probably experiencing a conversion rate between 2 and 10 percent. So even if you did nothing to improve your conversion rate, putting more people into the front of the funnel will result in a higher volume of conversions.

Therefore, a website pulling 500 visits per month and a 2% conversion rate will yield 10 leads, or sales per month. Grow your traffic to 5,000 per month, and get 100 leads or sales.

Page analysis is where it starts. After all, SEO is not that hard, and you can do a lot of it yourself!