Search Engine Optimization Services Based on Custom Strategies – Not Checklists.

At Pear, we craft a unique search engine optimization plan based on your objectives, and leverage 10 years of experience to get you the best results as fast as possible.


Our Search Engine Optimization Services Focus on 4 Key Outcomes

01We start with one or more of these strategies
SEO Strategies
  • 1

    Head Terms"digital marketing" or "seo"

  • 2

    Long-Tail Keywords"digital marketing for beginners" or "seo strategies that work"

  • 3

    Geo Targeting"digital marketing san antonio" or "seo company san antonio"

  • 4

    CompetitorName your competitor in the search term, or go after the same keywords they do

  • 5

    Industry"digital marketing for law firms" or "seo for franchises"

02Which leads to these types of outcomes
High-Quality Traffic

Getting high-quality traffic starts with the proper keyword selection, and optimization of pages around those keywords and topics.

Increase Page 1 Rankings

The top of the page on Google gets 30X more clicks than anything on page 2 or beyond. We strategically work to improve rankings.

More Keywords Found in Results

One measurable outcome is the number of keywords your domain shows up for in the first 10 pages of results. We benchmark this against your competitors.

Increase SEO Value

When compared to paying for the same click-through advertising, we can calculate the value of getting a “free” SEO click to your website.

How Long Does SEO Take To Show Results?

We have collected over 10 years of SEO results from clients to give you an approximation of how long SEO can take before showing results in organic traffic and keyword rankings.


What is SEO Worth to My Business?

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