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Marketing Study 16th April’22

Boost Your Organic Traffic Using Email Marketing

Boost Organic Traffic Using Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a very effective technique to drive traffic to your websites, offering superb ROI, returning on average $36 on every dollar spent. In addition, It is quite cheaper than other marketing techniques.

But how do accomplish this task?

Here are the 7 ways to drive more traffic to your websites through Email Marketing

  1. Target With Accuracy
  2. Understand User Intent
  3. Use Newsletters With Exclusive Content
  4. Integrate Email And Social Media
  5. Personalize Your Email Content
  6. Conduct A/B Testing With SEO Keywords
  7. Ask For Reviews

Sending content via email is not only easy but attracts more visitors and earns more shares.

Apart from that email marketing can also be utilized to hit specific pages that are more likely to have longer visits to engage with the content that helps to boost SEO rankings.