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Marketing Study 9th April’22

Google’s Latest Core Update
Google's core algorithm update

Google’s core algorithm update that began on May 25th is finally complete now. Congratulations! If you survived Google’s core update but if you are the victim, you must be thinking about what to do next?

The advice of google from recovering the update has never changed i.e “Improve The Content”

Now if you want to recover from Google’s core update, don’t get stuck in technical fixing or making modifications like changing title tags, just improve the website overall starting from content.

The Impact Of Update On AI Generated Content

Although it’s too early to conclude the exact impact of the update, there are some signs that are pointing out that websites with AI-generated content were specifically affected the most. Websites with AI-generated content observed a massive drop in traffic after Google’s core update.

While on the other hand, SEO-managed websites had positive impacts after Google’s core update. SEO-managed websites noticed a significant increase in traffic after the update.

But this doesn’t designate AI-generated content as totally bogus and useless, it’s the way you use it either positively or negatively. If AI content is used to modify content produced by humans it will have a positive impact but if you start to replace human-written content completely with AI-generated content that’s where things will go wrong.