Why is Paid Search Important?

  • Google keeps increasing the number and visibility of paid ads on the search results page (that’s how they make money, after all). If you’re only showing up in organic listings, you’re handing this space to your competitors.
  • For keywords with high commercial intent (like “buy iphone online” or “workers compensation lawyer san diego”), 2/3 of clicks go to paid ads or sponsored results. (Wordstream research 2012).
  • Paid search allows you to quickly gain visibility and traffic, and to test out new keywords and marketing messages.
  • Combining PPC ads with organic listings increases your brand credibility and helps crowd your competitors out of the search results real estate.
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Our Approach

Before we start building your campaign, our paid search management starts with a deep understanding of your business goals.


Are you trying to increase leads? What type of leads?


Are you trying to increase sales? What are your top priority products? What are top sellers or high margin products?


What constitutes a conversion for you? What action do you want visitors to take on your website?

With this deeper focus on your business goals, we can better design a campaign to increase your sales or leads.

Try the PPC Budget Calculator

Find out in seconds how much you should budget for your pay -per-click (PPC) campaign. All you have to do is enter the keywords, and we will show you everything you need to know to make the right decisions based on data.


How We Do It

Much like SEO, PPC campaigns are not “set it and forget it” endeavors. Searchers, your competitors, and the market are always changing and moving, so it’s important to actively manage any paid search campaign to make the most of your budget.


01. Develop a Strategy

We start by developing a strategy tailored to your goals, your budget, your current resources, searcher behavior, and the competitive market.

  • If you have a limited budget, the best option may be to focus on narrowly-defined, high buyer-intent keywords
  • If you already have downloadable resources for leads, it may work to direct traffic there to begin a lead nurturing process
  • If you are in a hyper competitive space, we identify specific keywords or value propositions where you can stand out

02. Refine It Over Time

One of the great benefits of PPC is that it is easy to test a new message and gather results quickly to refine the campaign. In the initial phases of the campaign, we monitor closely to adapt our strategy. As we collect impressions, clicks, and conversions, we go back to the campaign to adjust and test new variations.

  • Keep the messages, ad copy, keywords that are working
  • Pause the keywords and ads that are not working
  • Test new variations to improve performance further
  • Explore the actual search terms that are triggering ads, to identify negative terms to filter out or more positive keywords to add

03. Expand on Success

When the main campaign is performing effectively, we look for ways to build upon that success. We explore new features and campaign types as well as other advertising platforms to keep improving paid search outcomes for your business.

Let us help you with your PPC campaign

We can help you set up and manage a campaign in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

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PPC Case Studies

ppc case study


March 2016

Great American Automotive Supplies

Quick Hits :
  • 1026% ROAS
  • 148% Revenue Increase
  • 2X Increase in Transactions
ppc case study


January 2016

Allied Hand Dryer

Quick Hits :
  • 844% ROAS
  • 818% Increase in Transactions
  • 851% Revenue Increase

What to Expect From Us

We can build a new PPC campaign from scratch, or we can take over management of an existing underperforming campaign. Our clients often tell us that they never had much visibility into what was going on with their campaign when working with other agencies. At Pear Analytics, transparency is a core value for our team. We keep our clients in the loop on the strategy as well as the results of their PPC campaigns.

  • Your account manager will provide you with a monthly report detailing your campaign results, what we worked on, and what is on the to-­do list for next month.
  • You pay Pear Analytics a management fee, and pay Google or Bing directly for clicks—there is no markup or bundling on your click budget.
  • We’ll track the campaign’s performance compared to our original goals and expectations so we can course­ correct as necessary.

What to Expect from Paid Search

  • Faster results than SEO
  • Google CPC will increase over time
  • Immediate visibility, in proportion to your daily budget
  • Requires ongoing expenditure; the ROI is not as good as with SEO.
  • More control than SEO
  • Easy/fast message testing
  • Rapid adaptability