A Digital Marketing Agency Relationship Reimagined.

We are a boutique digital marketing agency based in San Antonio with offices in Dallas and Houston.  No junior people here.  Work directly with industry veterans who will thrive on your challenges. Build a relationship with a digital marketing partner who is committed to YOUR results.


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What We Help Clients With

I’m not showing up on Google
My traffic isn’t converting to leads
We aren’t getting enough leads or sales
I’m not sure what our agency is doing
Our tracking and analytics are not accurate
Our website is outdated and not user-friendly
I’m not showing up on Google
My traffic isn’t converting to leads
We aren’t getting enough leads or sales
I’m not sure what our agency is doing
Our tracking and analytics are not accurate
Our website is outdated and not user-friendly
Google Ad Management

With major changes to this platform in the last year, it’s no wonder companies are struggling to manage this. Let us reduce your wasted spend and get to profitability!

Facebook Ad Management

A great tool to use for retargeting, or even lead-generation advertising for certain businesses. We can craft the best solution and targeting strategy for you on Facebook.

Email Marketing

Lead nurturing in the B2B world is still effective, and a must-have for longer sales cycles. We can create the emails and the drip sequences for you.

Hubspot Management

Marketing automation is a very effective way to nurture leads. Let us configure Hubspot, create workflows, and lead scoring solutions.


Are you using several channels to promote your brand? Let us come up with a sound strategy of how to use and track all of your channels for optimal results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Visibility in organic listings is more than just optimizing your own website. Let us show you the various ways SEO is affecting your business and how you can still succeed.

Advanced Analytics

We can do a lot more than install and configure Google Analytics for you. We will help develop a way to track ALL of your marketing.

LinkedIn Ad Management

Need to reach certain businesses, or specific people in an industry? Create targeted LinkedIn campaigns to generate leads.

Web Design & Development

Don’t settle for a brochure site. We can craft a custom-built WordPress site that speaks to your customers, generates more leads, & integrates with more of your business than ever before.

Recent Project

Client: Allen & Allen
Allen & Allen was going through a major rebrand, and outgrew the old website.  Pear was brought in to overhaul the site with with new service and product organization, appointment scheduling functionality, and more.
  • Dynamic Content
    Now A&A can easily create new project content and correlate that with either a service line, or customer type in the backend with no coding.
  • Appointment Scheduling
    We integrated with their Calendly app to allow customers to book appointments, or request quotes directly with their sales team.
  • Event Mapping & Tracking
    We supercharged their analytics and included a full mapping and tagging plan for implementing Google Tag Manager.  Now A&A knows what calls-to-action users are clicking on when visiting the website, from form buttons, to brochure downloads, to video views.
Need a Website Overhaul?

Recent Project

Client: VP Racing Fuels
Race Fuels, Lubricants & Additives VP Racing Fuels had limited functionality with the website, and needed an overhaul with new product organization, e-commerce upgrades and custom marketing functionality
  • Custom Landing Page System
    Now VP can create their own marketing landing pages on the fly in about 10 minutes with no design required. They can choose which products to highlight, videos to show, and even which lead gen form to use.
  • Custom Dealer Maps
    We re-engineered the Find a Dealer function and created a file upload feature so they can easily keep the data current. We also customize the user experience with advanced filtering options.
  • Salesforce Integration
    We build custom Gravity Forms with conditional formatting and routing, and mapped them to the exact fields set up in Salesforce. We also included dynamic URL parameters to enable campaign tracking in Salesforce.
Need a Website Overhaul?

Client Satisfaction Survey

Each quarter we ask clients to rate us from 1 to 10 as well as ask for specific feedback on how we can do better. This is the quarterly average of all clients who respond.

September 8, 2020
1 10

"Glad to finally feel that all of our attribution sources and accounts are linked and reporting to GA as intended. Will has been diligently working behind the scenes on SEO and organic traffic is driving the most qualified leads. I feel that without this, COVID would have wiped out a larger amount of traffic volume that it has!"@Jon Senneff

1 10

"Overall great communication and effectiveness to date"@Allison Price

1 10

"Amazing Ad Performance"@Matt West

June 30, 2019
1 10

"Very happy with my account manager. Hope that she stays with us forever!"@Nancy Lee

March 31, 2019
1 10

"Quality of work; collaborative problem solving approach; overall, good working style fit"@Brandon Bienvenu

December 31, 2018
1 10

"Communication, thoroughness, and the excitement the team shows to work on this project."@Kent Harmon

October 31, 2018
1 10

"Very efficient. Pleased with quality of work."@Andrew McLaughlin

1 10

"Great Results/Performance"@Travis Willingham

Why choose Pear?

We know you have lots of choices when choosing an agency partner.  We also know very well the typical frustrations working with agencies, and so we’ve reimagined how we do business. We think you’ll find it refreshing.

No Contracts

If you’re not satisfied you can leave anytime. No more getting stuck into long-term contracts.

No Junior People

We bring the best we can find to work on your account.  You’ll be talking to experts with at least 5 years experience, but likely more.

You Own Your Data

We make sure you own all of your data so you can take it with you wherever you go. No more handcuffs to other agencies.

Talk to the Expert

Tired of talking to account managers who act as a middleman to the folks actually doing the work? Not at Pear. Talk directly to the experts working on your marketing.

What clients say

We don't grow unless we can prove our results to clients

Ryan and his team built out and entirely new website for us that matched every request and expectation. With an upgraded online retail function, easy to navigate schedule of events and overall well designed site, our web presence matches the tone and feel of our brand and is now something to be proud of! Thank you Pear Analytics! @Alexa WestermanDirector of Communications, Fiesta Commission
These guys are the real deal. @David HauserCTO, Grasshopper Group
I'm really impressed with the cost per signup we're getting right now. @Dirk ElmendorfCTO, TruckingOffice.com
Ryan helped my company build a web site with a unique set of SEO challenges. Not only did he get it done on time and within budget, but we are the number one organic site in 92% of our markets. Now we are going back for more. Thanks Ryan and your whole team. @John HerndenCEO, Alamo Note Buyers
Ryan is a tremendous SEO talent. Highly skilled with deep knowledge and insight, Ryan has been instrumental in dramatically increasing our search engine rankings through white hat SEO tactics over the years. As a result of his efforts, we enjoy page one rankings on Google for most of our primary keywords. In addition, Ryan has become a trusted business advisor who's input I seek on everything from paid search (PPC) strategies to vendor selection. A true SEO guru with high integrity, Ryan and his company Pear Analytics are amongst the best of best in the industry. @Rajan SodhiCMO, Cogeco Peer 1

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