ROAS Increased 23% to 218%

The challenge with this advertiser is that everyone sells the same products at the same price (MAP pricing). We have to do a good job of showing benefits of purchase, as well as having multiple purchase options. Quality of traffic is also a big driver, and the intent of searcher.

Transactions Went Up 818%

The increase in transactions can be attributed to the re-focused effort on high-value keywords, particularly for branded searches. We put more people into the funnel that ultimately were ready to purchase.

Revenue Now Up 851%

It is important to note that rate of revenue increase was higher than the rate of increase in transactions - which means we were getting a higher average order value. This came from really optimizing the shopping ad campaign to not just show the cheapest products every time.

Their Problems

"Im spending more on advertising, but not seeing sales increase"

The client was increasing his spend, but the return on ad spend was not increasing accordingly. He wasn’t sure whether this was just the market getting more expensive and more competitive, or if it was possible to get better results. Another problem was the price variances on products. We didn't want to bid high on low margin products, and low on high margin products. We needed to restructure the campaign to prevent this.

Our Solutions

  • We helped the client run a more sophisticated campaign; rather than matching competitors’ spend dollar for dollar, we focused on spending money on keywords that were actually converting.

  • We created Google Shopping campaigns to supplement the traditional search campaigns. His competitors were already occupying this real estate on the search page, so in order to not miss out, his ads needed to be there, too.

  • Google’s priorities are not necessarily your priorities. If left alone, Google may show ads for cheaper products that convert well, but lack the margins you need for a better ROAS. We focused our efforts on higher margin products, and adjusted bids to keep these front-and-center in the ads.

  • We regularly culled non-converting keywords and monitored ad copy performance to make adjustments to poorly performing ads.

  • We conducted surveys and user testing on our client’s site to find out what people thought of it vs. competitors’ sites. We found that even though the product price was exactly the same, there was a misconception that their prices were higher - even though they were exactly the same.

The Numbers

We are committed to our customers and their success, and we think that’s worth more than an empty promise or fake guarantee.

Google Analytics Shows Actual Results From PPC Campaign

You can see in the screenshot directly from Google Analytics from June 2014 to January 2016, comparing the prior period of time. The graph shows the revenue from the PPC campaign growing over time, even while clicks decreased, meaning the campaign was getting increasingly more efficient.