Vistage speaker internet marketing and seoIf you are a Vistage Chair looking for a dynamic speaker to educate your group about how your members can grow their business by finding new customers through the Internet, then you’ve come to the right place.  My name is Ryan Kelly, founder and CEO of Pear Analytics and a founding Vistage member of my chapter in San Antonio (CE 03842).  I am a registered Vistage speaker for Internet marketing, and am fairly new to the circuit.

Since I know a lot of you have booked your speakers well into 2013 and even 2014 already, I am happy to come to any Texas location chapter and do a pro-bono presentation for your group that is about 1.5-2 hours.

Here is a copy of the presentation:

Ideal Presentation Setup

I like to have two screens with projectors setup side-by-side.  One of them will go through the slideshow, and the other is used to perform real-time Google searches and to review members’ websites.  Prior to the meeting I will ask each chair to identify 3-5 members who would like their websites reviewed in detail during the meeting.  I will show them some actionable things that they can implement the next day to improve their SEO and conversion rates.

Presentation Outline:  Growing Your Business Using Search Marketing

Forrester Research claims that 85% of all products and services purchased started with an online search.  Since few people go past the first or second page of Google when searching, if your business is not visible on these pages, you are losing leads and sales to your competitors.  In this highly interactive and open discussion platform, Ryan Kelly gives a dynamic overview of showcases 3-5 members’ websites and discusses specific optimization techniques to help each company become more visible in online searches.  Key issues covered include:

  • The growth of search and why companies are spending more online compared to other media sources;
  • Details of a search results page and how Google works;
  • 3 Things every business should do to improve their chances of being found in a search;
  • The Marketing Funnel:  Awareness, Consideration and Purchase, and what to do if you have a long sales cycle;
  • How to calculate ROI and measure success from search marketing;
  • How to set up a Google Analytics custom report in less than 10 minutes, and start measuring the metrics that matter;
  • Design and conversion tips for 2013, and how to make your website a lead-generation machine;
  • How to spy on your competitors and beat them at their own game;
  • 3 Tests you can try in 5 minutes to see if you have been penalized, or banned by Google (and how to fix it);
  • How to evaluate your current search marketing provider;
  • Critical next steps to win the search marketing battle.

Kelly’s approach to search marketing is more encompassing than just clicks on keywords, but rather how the entire sales and marketing funnel should work from awareness, to consideration to purchase.  He shows you how to get your website bringing in more leads than ever before, and how to nurture those leads and measure results.  Kelly has also build several prediction models based on hundreds of clients’ analytics data that can predict how your business will perform in search marketing efforts before you even start, and how to budget for it.

Value to Members:  Members will leave with a wealth of knowledge about the newest trends in search marketing that they can share with their marketing teams, along with tools and actionable tips that can be implemented within the week.  Pear Analytics will also provide a free Full Internet Marketing Assessment, or a Service Provider Audit of an existing provider to ensure maximum value for what you’re spending.

Speaker Bio

Ryan Kelly is the Founder and CEO of Pear Analytics, a San Antonio-based search marketing firm.  He is an expert in organic search engine optimization techniques, and has consulted for Rackspace, PEER 1 Hosting and Career Builder.

Kelly started his career in search marketing in 2003 when Google was only 5 years old, when Facebook and Twitter did not exist, and when YouTube was struggling to stay alive.  Over the past 10 years, he has helped hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses grow by finding new customers through search.

Kelly has a BS in mechanical engineering and an MBA in marketing.  Prior to search marketing, Kelly worked in the aerospace industry as a jet propulsion engineer, and received a patent for his work in 2002.  Kelly’s engineering background is the primary differentiator for his methodologies where he uses data to analyze search patterns as well as competitors to help gain a competitive edge.  He has spoken at SMX in New York City, Web Content Conference in Chicago, F5 Expo in Vancouver, and the ExpressionEngine Conference in Portland.  Kelly is also a technology mentor for TechStars Cloud and 3 Day Startup, where he gives back his time to early stage tech companies.

Kelly is also a founding member of his Vistage group in San Antonio.


Ryan’s presentation has been seen and endorsed by the following Vistage Chairs:

Tom Cuthbert 

Charles Marino

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