After 6 Months, Organic Traffic Increased Significantly

This client originally had 6 different URLs that were all competing for rankings and all had duplicate content. We helped to 301-redirect all of the URLs to their most authoritative domain, and optimized all of the pages around specific keywords related to their industry.

How Our Unique Process Helped Improve Keyword Rankings

Using our unique blend of competitive research, optimization and content development, we were able to get Southwest Decor 1st page rankings for 7 out of 46 relevant keyword in under 6 months. As we continue the process, we project doubling this or better by the 12-month mark.

As A Result Of SEO Efforts, Visitors Are More Engaged

Prior to properly optimizing the website and adding relevant and useful content to the primary pages, visitor engagement metrics such as bounce rate, time on site and total page views were below average. After working on the content and optimizations for 6 months, we were able to reduce bounce rate by 15%, increase page views by 40% and increase visit duration by 115%, resulting in a higher chance for lead generation.

Their Problems

Multiple Web Properties With No Search Visibility Or SEO Strategy

When this client came to us through an agency partner, they had multiple web properties that had not been optimized for search and that were causing duplicate content issues preventing them from ranking well in Google.

Their competitors were consistently outranking them for many of the search terms they cared about. There was a complete lack of visibility online, not only in search results, but in social media as well.

Our Solutions

  • Research to determine most authoritative and trusted domain for the redirects.

  • 301-redirect all secondary web properties to pass all SEO benefit to primary URL.

  • Perform extensive research on competitors and industry to determine proper keyword targets.

  • Work with agency partner to incorporate a blog as part of the content strategy.

  • Optimize pages for target keywords and monitor ranking improvements.

The Numbers

We are committed to our customers and their success, and we think that’s worth more than an empty promise or fake guarantee.

Actual Google Analytics Organic Traffic

This chart depicts the organic traffic growth during a 6 month period during which we wrote over 30 pieces of content for the site, each generating new visits to the website.

Actual Keyword Ranking Improvements

Our keyword rankings tool measures keyword rankings in all search engines on a daily basis. As this chart depicts, we were able to get most of their keywords moving in the right direction, with 7 relevant keywords on page 1 within the first 6 months, each driving new leads.