Keyword Rankings Skyrocket

Pear Analytics has boosted 37 relevant keywords to the first page of Google for Impact Recovery. Many of these keywords are directly related to products sold by Impact Recovery.

Organic Ranking Impacts Conversions

Between content, page optimizations and link building, the increase in organic traffic has been directly related to Pear's SEO efforts. Through Google Analytics tracking, we have found that 71.9% of all completed purchases came from organic traffic.

The Infamous #1 Spot

Not only has Pear helped Impact Recovery rank for 37 keywords on the front page of Google, but 17 of those keywords are in the #1 spot. The top spot in Google is a very sought-after placement in any industry.

Their Problems

No Internet Presence in a Niche Market

Impact Recovery had no online presence in a market where there were few players in North America. Many of their sales were from a variety of referral sources, and virtually none came from their website.

Our Solutions

  • Optimize all product pages and target keywords that had high commercial value.

  • Consistently add new content to the website on a weekly basis.

  • Increase the number of inbound links through outreach and syndication.

The Numbers

We are committed to our customers and their success, and we think that’s worth more than an empty promise or fake guarantee.

Keyword Rankings Chart

Here you can see all 17 of the current keywords Impact Recovery ranks #1 for, as well as many other keywords on the front page of Google.

Sales from Organic Traffic

Impact Recovery has seen a direct correlation between SEO work done by Pear Analytics and sales. Pear's SEO work boosts organic traffic, which has accounted for 71.9% of total online sales since Impact Recovery has been with Pear.