ROAS Improved from 551% to 1026%

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) represents how much revenue you're getting in sales compared to how much you're spending on advertising.

Over two years of their campaign with us, GABP Auto's ROAS increased from 551% to 1,026%.

Revenue More Than Doubled

Compared to Jan. 2014, the PPC campaign generated twice as much revenue in Jan. 2016. Over time, we were able to narrow down the primary keywords that were driving conversions, pinpoint what times of the day those conversions were happening, and then adjust bids for maximum conversion.

101% Increase in Transactions

By refining the focus on keywords that convert best over time, the number of transactions doubled, and the average order value increased by 24%.

Their Problems

"Our results have plateaued, and we're not getting good ROAS."

Great American Automotive Supplies felt they had hit a wall with their results, and wondered if there was a way to increase their return on what they were spending on ads.

They also struggled with being able to keep up with market changes, and didn't have someone in-house who could regularly monitor their AdWords performance.

Our Solutions

  • Along with traditional search campaigns, we created shopping campaigns, a relatively new feature of Google AdWords that is geared towards retail products. It’s not the ideal strategy for every retail company, but if you don’t at least try it, your competitors will capitalize on that real estate of the search results page.

  • We conducted intensive and regular maintenance to cull non-converting keywords, and consolidated some of the campaigns.

  • We monitored ad performance, tweaked ad copy to improve click-through rates, and manually managed bids to optimize ad position for the best-performing keywords.

  • We also prioritized ads for products with higher margins.

The Numbers

We are committed to our customers and their success, and we think that’s worth more than an empty promise or fake guarantee.

Lowered Cost Per Click (CPC)

This is actual data from GABP Auto's campaign report over two years, with 3,937,187 impressions, 61,741 clicks and 3,629 conversions.

The campaign has a lifetime click-through rate of 1.57% and an average cost-per-click of $1.38.

Shopping Campaign Success

While active, the shopping campaign brought in an additional $2,500 in revenue per month on average.

86% increase in ROAS

Comparing January 2014 to January 2016, the campaign is now generating a 1,026% return on ad spend. Impressions and clicks have doubled, revenue has increased by 148%, and the average order value has increased from $160 to $198.