Are you losing money by not advertising on Bing?

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As a savvy digital marketer, of course you are advertising on AdWords. But are you missing out by ignoring Bing ads?

It’s easy to dismiss Bing when Google’s powers more than twice as many searches per month as Bing. However, it is well worth investigating whether your company might benefit from expanding into Bing ads. Here’s how to find out if you are leaving money on the table with Bing.

Check the Value of Organic Bing Visitors in Google Analytics

Use your Google Analytics data to compare the value of Bing organic visitors vs. Google organic visitors. You can do this by clicking to the Ecommerce overview report in Google Analytics, choosing the source view and selecting “view full report.” For one client, we found that although they had fewer Bing visitors, the Bing visitors were worth nearly 3 times more per session than visitors from Google.


Check the Value of Any Bing Ads You are Already Running

You may already be running Bing ads, but not paying much attention to it because the Bing interface is harder to work with than AdWords. And because you know the market is smaller. It’s worth double-checking the value of your Bing Ads visits vs. Google AdWords. For another account, we found that the per session value of Bing Ads visitors was nearly double AdWords visitors. In this account, we needed to expand the Bing Ads campaign and capture more revenue for the client.

bing ads vs adwords value


With the first client mentioned above, we launched a Bing ads campaign. By adding paid ads along with organic search, we were able to increase their monthly revenue from Bing visitors by 50%.

I hope this helps you weigh your options and optimize your budget allocation. If you’d like help evaluating whether Bing Ads would be a good investment for you, we’d be happy to help with a complimentary assessment form our Search Engine Marketing Team. 

Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly

Ryan is the founder and CEO of Pear Analytics and has helped hundreds of customers with their Internet marketing since 2003. He has spoken on various topics of SEO, Analytics and other marketing at conferences in New York, Chicago and Vancouver. Clients he has consulted include Sears, KMart, CareerBuilder and PEER 1 Hosting. Ryan currently teaches two Internet marketing classes at Trinity University in San Antonio.