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4 Steps to Refresh AdWords Campaigns

By July 22, 2021August 27th, 2021No Comments

Is it time for you to refresh AdWords campaigns? We work with many companies that have been running AdWords for a long time. We often find that new clients begin talking with us because their AdWords results have started to stagnate. We hear things like:

“I am spending the same amount, but getting half as many conversions”

“My cost per click just keeps going up”

“A lot of my sales come from AdWords, but I’m not sure if it is profitable”

If these comments sound familiar, then it’s a good time for you to refresh your AdWords campaign. It can be an overwhelming task when you have a lot of keywords, a lot of ads, and maybe various campaigns set up, but the results can have a big pay off. Here’s how to tackle an AdWords Campaign refresh.

1. Use the 80/20 Rule 

The first thing to keep in mind for refreshing your campaign is the 80/20 rule. You have a lot of keywords and ads in your campaign – it can be easy to spend hours on every single detail. However, for the best results, you need to focus your attention first on areas that are spending the most money or getting the most conversions. AdWords is definitely an area where you will find that 80% of the budget will be spent by 20% of the keywords. Start your refresh by identifying your top converting keywords and your top spending keywords.


2. Mine your search term report for negatives

The next step to refresh AdWords campaigns is to dig into your search term report for your the top keywords you identified. This will show you the exact terms that searchers typed in to trigger your ads.

  • Sort by search queries with the most conversions to add these exact phrases to your target keywords
  • Sort by search queries with the most spend and add those with no conversions as negative keywords to filter out that traffic  – this is a big opportunity for cost savings!


3. Maximize top sellers & profitable items

Evaluate the cost per conversion on your top converting keywords. If the cost is at a profitable level for your business, then you want to maximize the exposure for that keyword. You can make sure you are getting the most by checking your ad position and your impression share.


4. Review and test landing pages

Another thing to check is the landing pages you are competing with. Your competitors may have made updates, you may have new competitors, or your own pages may now be out of date. Check on what competing results are showing up for your top keywords and take a look at the landing pages. How do your pages compare? Take the opportunity to test new ideas on your landing pages to increase your conversion rates and get more from your AdWords spend.


  • Are there good elements that you may be able to incorporate, such as showing payment options or making a phone number bolder?
  • Is there a theme in the competitor pages styles? Some industries perform well with very busy pages, while others do better with contemporary clean style landing pages.
  • Is there other information you could provide, such as pricing details  or testimonials?

We hope these tips help you refresh AdWords and get more out of your campaigns. Of course, there are many other tactics to improve your return on AdWords spend. 

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