14 Jan

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Social Media: What Works, and What Doesn’t

Thanks to my friend Steve Patti (@polarityinc) who sent this excellent whitepaper from Marketing Profs this morning entitled “The Naked Truth: Insights from the State of Social Media Marketing” dated January 14, 2010, which you can download at the bottom of this post.  This is a really interesting read if you are wondering what works […]

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22 Dec

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Is Twitter Growing at 1 Million New Accounts Per Week?

For those of  you who are wondering how many people are using Twitter, or even how many new accounts are created per week, I kind of did a hack using Tweetie2 for the iPhone.  I’m sure there are other ways you can get this information – this is just how I did it.  I also […]

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24 Aug


Twitter Study Part 2 – Continuing the Conversation

It’s been a little over one week since the Pear Analytics Twitter study we posted reached blogs and media outlets all around the world. We were extremely pleased with the outcome and all of the constructive feedback. As mentioned in the study, we will be monitoring Twitter usage and behavior in an ongoing manner, and […]

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12 Aug

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Twitter Study Reveals Interesting Results About Usage – 40% is Pointless Babble

A while back we embarked on a study that evolved after a having a debate in the office as to how people are using and consuming Twitter. Some felt it was their source of news and articles, others felt it was just a bunch of self-promotion with very few folks actually paying attention. But mostly, […]

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14 May

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Guest blog: Twitter Blows Out Direct Mail

The following is a blog post by Nan Palmero, Chief Inspriation Officer at Sales By 5, a San Antonio firm that helps companies achieve dramatic increases in sales. Last December, seeking to enhance sales, Gary Vaynerchuk offered free shipping and promoted it three ways. As a result, he said, a direct marketing mailing cost $15,000 […]

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09 Jan

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Social media power

Local biz execs find Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are modern bridges to community.

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