18 Feb

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The UTSA CITE Boot Camp: Engineering Meets Marketing

This past weekend I had an opportunity to speak to about 200 engineering and marketing students from the UTSA CITE Boot Camp Program (Center for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship) which is a day-long seminar for students to soak up as much information as possible to help them with their competition.  Essentially, the engineering students are tasked […]

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02 Nov


KISS Insights Hack: How to Run Multiple Surveys on the Same Page

The following post outlines a very useful hack for KISS Insights that allows you to run a “multi-variate survey mode” where you can evenly rotate surveys, which is not currently available in their software.  With Pear being a “power user” of KISS Insights, they graciously helped us build this, and so we figured we would […]

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21 Sep

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How I Set Up and Sold a Product Using Unbounce, Wufoo and Chargify

I’m going to show you how I concepted and built not one, but two recurring revenue products in one evening using Unbounce, Wufoo and Chargify – and I never wrote a single line of code.  And the results were unreal. I am not a programmer.  I wish I was, but I took a different path […]

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10 Sep

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Startups: 4 Ways To Increase Conversions in AdWords

There are two main problems being a startup: 1) we have limited capital which means we can’t waste money on poorly performing campaigns (which is a good thing, actually); and 2) as founders we have to do everything ourselves and learn all of this marketing stuff, and its usually the hard way. So, here are […]

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01 Sep

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Free Marketing Tools for Startups

Last week, I wrote about how startups should gather all the analytics they can.  This week, I want to give you a couple of free marketing tools you can download to help you tell your story in the next board meeting.  Hey, we’re a startup too and this is helping us, so I figured why […]

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25 Aug

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Startups: The Minimum Viable Product Lifecycle

We’ve been paying a LOT of attention to the folks who use our product as we build out a minimum viable product, along with a scalable and repeatable business model.  Since July 12th (roughly 6 weeks), nearly 6,000 people from just about every country on the planet has used our SiteJuice product, running over 10,000 […]

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18 Aug

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Startups: Get All The Analytics You Can

You’re a startup and it’s you (the CEO), your CTO and your marketing guy in the monthly board meeting, and your investors ask “so what did you learn from the marketing activities last month?”  Don’t say something like “we’re not real sure”, or “traffic went up, but we don’t know from where” – or anything […]

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23 May

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What Do Steve Blank, 37 Signals and Mark Cuban Have in Common?

You might not expect it, but these entrepreneurs each have something to say about customers – the critical component to any startup. Steve Blank is a retired serial entrepreneur who teaches entrepreneurship at UC Berkley and Stanford University, and the concept of Customer Development which is outlined in his book, 4 Steps to the Epiphany. […]

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